Leading up to this trip I was excited to go back to the land down under. Most people I know were happy for me and at the same time jealous. Little did they know that most of what I saw was… football practice, PR outing then hotel room. Mostly every day was the same. My agenda was to have a video a day with photos. I did not get to see Sydney at all except for the presser that was at the Opera House (Very Cool). So did I see Sydney… Yeah but not much of it. Mind you I was not on vacation.

Day 1 Saturday/Sunday August 21, 2016 Travel Day:  Nothing but plane and sleep…. or movies.

Day 2 Monday August 22, 2016 Practice Day: First day of practice in Sydney Olympic Park. Half mile walk to the practice field was nice but I had to speed walk to get my shots. Shoot senic shots with ANZ Stadium in the background…. speed walk ahead of the players. After practice, there was a Jersey Swap with the GWS Giants of the AFL at their team’s facilities. To end the day the team watched a rugby match in ANZ Stadium.


Day 3 Tuesday August 23, 2016 Sydney Cup Press Conference: The bus ride down led us to the front steps of the Sydney Opera House. A magnificent structure that is bigger than you think. We headed toward the back for mid day practice.


Day 4 Wednesday August 24, 2016 Zoo Day – Rain Day: Boy did it rain and rain… and rain. My thoughts on how to get images of this day were skeptical. I had my personal photo gear ($8,000) and our video camera ($2,000). Trying to keep this gear dry was a big challenge especially since we don’t have rain gear for the video camera. My camera gear is relatively protected by its manufactured rubber sealing, but theres always a way for moisture to get in some way plus wiping the lens constantly is a nuisance. Midway through the day my video camera started shutting off then turn back on. The LCD was flickering and made me nervous. Toward the end of the day my buddy Sam Spangler from KHON2 said that his camera died. The moisture had totally shut his camera down. Luckily both of my cameras survived and I was able to make my video for the day. The highlight of the day was at the end of practice. Wed day at practice ment lots of puddles and dirty uniforms.


Day 5 Thursday August 25, 2016 Walk Through Day:  Not much happened today. Just a walk through practice with no photo op because of the strategies that were taking place. I was able to walk about 3miles to get my jacket that i desperately needed yesterday. The only photo op I was able to get was my “crew” that was with us. Yes the TV Crew.


Day 6 Friday August 26, 2016 Day Off?: Hah, never a day off. I have a job, a wife, and a son hahaha. I had to escort on of our players Max Hendrie (from Australia) for a photo shoot with the local newspaper the rush him back to practice. local media from Sydney interviewed Rolo, 15 min then they were kicked out. Including me. From there I filmed our fantastic equipment crew setting up for the next day. It was nice shooting the crew behind the scenes because they really deserve a lot of credit.


Day 7 Saturday August 27, 2016 Game Day: After a week long full of practice and PR events, I was ready to shoot the first game of the season. Finally.


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